Why Join?

Why Join?

The Optimist Club has brought me not only joy and laughter, but also has also taught me something new every week. More importantly, the Optimist Club gives all our members, so many ways to help kids in our area. We are millennials, boomers and everything in between, and I am proud to be a part of all that Optimists give to our community.

Don Lindsey

I am a member because I fell in love with the creed. I love what we do for the youth in our community and others all over the US, Caribbean, and Canada. I also love the leadership the club provides to the members. I have participated in every level of the organization's structure. I love being an Optimist.

Essie Johnson
Member since 1990

I am an Optimist Club Member because of the Creed and the sense of purpose it provides. The Optimist Club of Knoxville touches so many lives, both in the youth and the community at large, and it's a wonderful feeling to be part of something that serves as a force of good for our City.

Kathryn McCullough
Member since 2012